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Sterillo Duo
Sterillo Uno
Kills 99.96% of airbourne germs and bacteria
UK Government Tested

Ready to help kill germs in your environment?

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Sterillo Duo - Fast hand dryers with Odour control and Germ Killing patented technology.

At Handy Dryers we set the bar high in washroom air care with the Sterillo room sanitising hand dryer and Sterillo Uno room sterilisation unit that remove offensive odours instead of just masking them. Combining advanced germ killing UVC technology with a powerful hand dryers leaves washrooms with a massively reduced level of bacteria and smelling fresh.

  1. Saves money: it’s simple, really – these dryers’ fast operating times mean wattage per use is kept to the bare minimum, reducing your energy spend over the year
  2. Creates cleaner washrooms: particularly in high-footfall facilities. Sterillo module kills germs and reduces unpleasant odours
  3. Better customer experience
Video Sterillo hand dryer

Sterillo hand dryer incorporating Germ Killing and odour control technology.

Now, in addition to the Sterillo range Handy Dryers recommend the EcoBreeze Air Care System. The EcoBreeze system uses a patented combination of particulate and carbon filters with a beautiful array of scenting fragrances. The units are easily installed, use very little power and over a wide selection of aromas for any area, leaving spaces with the characterful scent of EcoBreeze makes a big statement.

A revolutionary state of the art product designed by Handy Dryers in the United Kingdon.

ECOBreeze Air Care System - Active Air Filter & Freshener

Handy Dryers is the leading retail supplier of EcoBreeze Air Care System. Using a patented combination of particulate filter, carbon filtration module and interchangeable wicking fragrance dispenser to leave air 95% cleaner and odour free.

With so much of our time spent indoors fresh air is increasingly hard to come by. Odours and other airborne irritants reduce our feeling of well-being. They affect our mood and our productivity. ECOBreeze helps to create a pleasant fresh environment by filtering the air, deodorizing it, and adding one of a variety of bespoke signature fragrances. Importantly, ECOBreeze cartridges are made from recyclable plastic and non-toxic charcoal, not metal canisters.