High Volume Commercial Hand Dryers

Reliability is the aim of the game in any business washrooms, which is precisely why we’ve drafted in some of the most hard-wearing commercial hand dryers in the UK, especially for the busiest facilities managers.

Whether you’re tired of fixing old and dilapidated dryers, or unhappy about the performance of your replacement – all Handy Dryers technology is dependable, economical and suitable for high-footfall business premises. 

Even so, we’ve assembled a battalion of our toughest troops that will work hard all day, every day, leaving you free to get on with things. 

Gorillo Ultra Blade Hand Dryer fitted in the NEC Birmingham

  • The Ultimate High Power Blade Hand dryer: 10 - 12 second dry time
  • HEPA filter with Internal UVC filter steriliser
  • Lowest Noise Output: Only 73dB
  • Stylish Contemporary Looks: digital countdown timer and blue LED's
  • Latest ECO features: Costs under £15.00 per year in electricity to run!

NEC testimonial

“ ...450 were delivered on time and have now been installed without a single failure.......an excellent high end product that dries hands remarkably well.... ”

Daniel Boulger - NEC Group

Video Gorillo Ultra Blade Hand Dryer

Gorillo Ultra Blade Hand Dryer - NEC Birmingham

One of the toughest commercial hand dryers in the UK

Stainless steel isn’t merely stylish, it’s hardy stuff. So, there’s a reason why our Armadillo hand dryer is one of the best commercial hand dryers we offer. 

With an extra thick 1.5mm stainless steel casing, the Armadillo is a vandal-resistant fortress, perfectly suited to schools, petrol stations, bars or restaurants, where hand dryers are regularly tested to their limits. 

Boasting a speedy 10 second drying time, this is one of our quickest performing commercial dryer models, meaning that stress and strain on internal components is kept to a minimum, giving your dryer a longer life.

The quietly efficient commercial dryer

The more people use your washroom facilities, the more of a nuisance noise can become, and the less reliable a hand dryer is, the louder it can become over time. 

Used in all washrooms at the NEC – the UK’s number one commercial exhibition space – our Gorillo Ultra has revolutionised the user experience and lowered the maintenance burden for their tireless team of facilities managers. 

Costing just £15 per year to run, and operating at a noise level of 73dB, the Gorillo Ultra hands-in dryer has been awarded a Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. Furthermore, the option to run it at a lower 500W not only makes it highly economical, it means it lasts longer than any of our other blade dryers. 

The reassuringly reliable commercial dryer

Day on day, when an army of hands turn up to be dried, there can be no room for failure. 

Combining impressive power and high-precision airflow, the Vulcan is a perfect example of a commercial hand dryer that was built to work well and work hard. One of the best commercial hand dryers – it just keeps going. 

With drying speeds of between 8 and 10 seconds, and a whole host of adjustable economy settings, this is one of the models most often recommended by businesses. Quite frankly, you won’t find better. 

Hand dryers’ benefits in commercial washrooms

An integral piece of technology in any business, hand dryers are a huge benefit to washrooms in the commercial sector. Here are two major reasons why you should consider investing in one:

They’re more economical than paper towels

There’s no denying it – hand dryers benefit any business by being wonderfully affordable. 

Based on a power consumption of 130 hours, modern dryers cost less than £25 to run over an entire year. 

With none of the associated costs of shipping, storing and then disposing of paper towels, the economic benefits of hand dryers are obvious.

They’re reliable

Constructed from durable materials such as stainless steel and tough plastics, modern hand dryers are built to be tough. 

Extremely low-maintenance, most dryers require only one yearly service to keep them running effectively.

Reading your hand dryer technical specification

Hand dryer technical specifications should be clear and easy to read. The following information should be contained within the specification – if you can’t see it, your manufacturer should be able to provide the full technical details:

  • Materials
  • Motor type
  • Air speed output
  • Drying time
  • Voltage
  • Operating power
  • Weight & dimensions

For information on installing and using any dryer model from Handy Dryers, click the ‘Downloads’ tab within the relevant product page.