Stainless Steel Hand Dryers

Modern, strong and hygienic – there’s more to our stainless steel hand dryers than meets the eye. 

Why stainless steel dryers make perfect sense

Our premium stainless steel hand dryers are ideal for a wide range of washroom environments

  • Foils vandals: even the most determined graffiti vandal will find it tough to leave a lasting mark on stainless steel hand dryers.
  • Looks that last: stainless steel dryers are renowned for their anti-corrosive properties, and in a wet washroom environment, that makes them a very solid investment.
  • They clean up well: stainless steel dryers are easy to clean, and have a proven record of success in improving hygiene standards, especially in food and catering environments. With no pores or cracks to hide in, harmful bacteria can’t take hold. 
  • Contempory look: as well as being rust and tarnish proof stainless steel hand dryers have a contempory look in your toilet facilities.

Stainless Steel Hand Dryers

Robust stainless steel hand dryers designed and manufactured to stand the test of time

Our stainless steel range hand dryers includes free UK delivery on all of our products. All of the stainless steel hand dryer casings are made from a rust proof, corrosion proof and durable stainless steel meaning that they will look great for many years to come!

Handy Dryers offer both chrome and brushed stainless-steel hand dryers. Creating a premium look, ensuring your washroom remains stylish and elegant. To ensure your washroom hand dryer remains dirt and vandal free, browse our extensive range of stainless steel hand dryers. Made to last, you can be sure your chosen hand dryer will last for years.

Video Kangarillo fast hand dryer

The AirBOX H Hand Dryer. Brushed 304 stainless steel and enamel powder coated white