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Here at Handy Dryers we have a full range of hand dryers to suit every bathroom, commercial or otherwise. With cutting edge technology, our hand dryers blow away the competition and leave hands dry as a bone. Hygienic and quiet, our Gorillo hand dryer is the leading hand dryer in its class. Our electric hand dryers truly are the best available in the UK.

Less than 0.02p per use

It is no longer acceptable for hand dryers to whine away using up endless amounts of electricity and taking an eternity to ‘almost’ dry your hands. Today we demand better performance, lower energy consumption, enhanced features and most importantly sensible operating costs. The Handy Dryers range of commercial hand dryers are designed specifically with all this in mind and feature such excellent innovations as brushless motors which give up to 10 times the motor lifespan as well as the collection of the expelled water into a sanitary separate water tank.

Ever had that sinking feeling as you approach yet another ineffectual hand dryer?

But wait! What has been happening over the past two years? Suddenly airports, service stations, bars and restaurants the length and breadth of the country have installed a new generation of faster more powerful hand dryers. No longer do we have to wait for the water to slowly evaporate; now we can see it visibly blown from our hands. Using hand dryers is cost efficient; it is friendlier to the environment and its carbon footprint is far less than the paper towel, so what are you waiting for?