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School hand dryers don’t have an easy life. In fact, school washrooms are some of the toughest facilities to keep clean and in working order – particularly when mischief runs amok. 

With noise reduction, cost-efficiency and durability of paramount importance, our range of school hand dryers have been assembled to suit even the most demanding of environments.

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Quiet hand dryers for schools: doing the maths

School and university budgets are strict, so hand dryers and other washroom technology must be built to last. These dryers aren’t only affordable, they’re tough enough to withstand the highest levels of daily usage. In fact, they’re practically indestructible! 

Made from top-grade stainless steel that won’t bend, the Kangarillo hand dryer operates at just 1.4kW when in use to minimise carbon consumption and stress on its internal components. That makes it one of the most cost-effective, long-lasting hand dryers on the market today.

Video Crocodillo school hand dryer

Crocodillo T2 hand dryer. Quiet and fast ideal for schools and childcare environments.

School hand dryers: quiet in the corridors

Silence is golden in any education centre, which is why our hand dryers for primary schools, colleges and universities were developed with special sound-softening technology. This minimises distractions and noise pollution, allowing lessons and exams to run undisturbed. 

Young children have particularly sensitive hearing, and can be easily startled. By using specialist Low Noise Air Science and keeping drying times to an efficient 5–10 seconds, we recommend the Crocodillo hand dryer for nurseries, primary schools and smaller washrooms where reverberating noise can cause a nuisance. 

Exceptionally economical, many hand dryers incorporate an ECO Air Sensor that also detects the ambient temperature of the washroom, automatically adjusting the drying power to reduce running costs. 

Built for bad behaviour: the best hand dryers for schools

Combating vandalism in school washrooms is easier (and less costly) when you invest in the right technology. 

With a wall footprint smaller than a C3 envelope, the Kangarillo 2 ECO has soft edges and a compact profile, making it harder for vandals to get a grip on. Coming in a tough stainless steel casing, this dryer is designed to repel graffiti attacks, knocks and scrapes with ease. 

For extra peace of mind, all of our dryers come with 2-year warranties as standard (with replacement parts included in the first year) – so however rowdy the kids get, you know you’re covered.

Fewer sick days with our school hand dryers

Sickness can spread like wildfire inside a school or nursery, so it’s important to keep little ones protected from bathroom bacteria and other nasties. 

Especially designed to eliminate airborne bacteria, hand dryers with a filter component are a crucial investment for premises like schools, where food and drink are served.

Unlike many hand dryers for primary schools, colleges and universities, the Gorillo Pro blade dryer comes with a high quality HEPA filter as standard. This makes it one of the best hand dryers for schools, and the perfect front-line partner in the war against classroom bugs.

For washroom cleanliness and added protection against bacterial outbreaks, the Gorillo Pro also collects potentially hazardous waste water in a concealed reservoir, ready to be disposed of later. 

Quiet hand dryers for schools – why are they important?

Day to day, schools can seem like noisy places – children fooling about, school bells ringing. So why are quiet hand dryers for primary schools, high schools and colleges seen as such a necessity?

Quiet hand dryers for primary schools, high schools and colleges

If you’re a school facilities manager, the following considerations are of paramount importance:

  • Examinations: schools are obsessed with exam results – and nothing disturbs an important assessment quite like the resounding whoosh of a turbo hand dryer.
  • Young children: hand dryers for primary schools and pre-schools need to emit as little noise as possible. When little ones are startled by sudden loud noises, they tend to avoid washing or drying their hands, which can lead to the spread of germs and viruses.
  • The corridor effect: if there’s one thing schools are full of, it’s corridors. If the noise of a hand dryer escapes a bathroom, the echo can reverberate down a corridor like there’s no tomorrow.

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