High speed hand dryers. Powerful hand dryers that don’t waste time.

We stock only the very latest in energy efficient, fast-drying washroom technology. Our selection of high speed hand dryers come in a range of prices to suit all pockets. But they are all state-of-the-art.  Giving you complete peace of mind, our power electric hand dryers are the best value around. They’re chock-full of clever hardware, including:
  • HEPA filters for sifting out dirty air particles 
  • ECO air sensors which adjust drying temperatures, ensuring lower energy bills
  • High-precision airflow that blasts moisture from the skin in seconds

Fastdry Hand Dryers: How speedy are they, anyway?

Rigorously tested for efficiency, our high speed dryer models average a hand-drying time of 8–10 seconds. That’s less time than it takes to check a notification on your smartphone. 

Fast electric hand dryers: why the need for speed?

Facilities managers who buy our products often attest to the benefits of fast hand dryers. Common benefits we hear about include:

  1. Saves money: it’s simple, really – these dryers’ fast operating times mean wattage per use is kept to the bare minimum, reducing your energy spend over the year
  2. Creates cleaner washrooms: particularly in high-footfall facilities, slow hand dryers cause both impatience and unsanitary trails of water across the floor
  3. Avoids overcrowding: in smaller washrooms, speed is everything – a fast dryer enables people to leave more quickly, keeping entryways clear.
  4. Better customer experience
Video Kangarillo fast hand dryer

High velocity Kangarillo hand dryer. Drying speed tops out at 230mph.

These high power hand dryers are pretty (not just punchy)

Aesthetics are more important today than ever before. Dog-eared and dated washroom technology can encourage vandalism, and is a common cause of customer complaints.

Sleek, chic and streamlined – our low energy, high power hand dryers are designed to provide your facility with a stylish visual upgrade.  The new Beaver Slimline ECO dryer is slim, compact and attractively styled. It includes a HEPA filter for increased hygiene as well as the latest ECO energy saving features.

Shop a stunning variety of futuristic shapes and pleasing finishes, including brushed or polished stainless steel and powder-coated enamel. 

Turbo hand dryers: the most powerful hand dryers around

Gone are the days of waiting for your hands to dry under a slow, boiling hot stream of air. These older models of hand dryer are increasingly becoming museum pieces. They’ve been replaced with a new breed of fast hand dryers.

With the invention of high velocity hand dryers, water is blasted from the skin in a matter of seconds rather than being evaporated by any heat. 

How hand dryers are made

There are two basic ways in which hand dryers are made – the evaporation manufacturing model, and the high speed, low energy approach. 

Evaporation dryers

Old-school hand dryers were manufactured on the basis of water evaporation – this reasoned that – in order to make hands dry – a dryer had to blow air steadily over a heating element to warm it, and then blow the warm air onto the user’s hands to evaporate residual water. 

High speed, low energy hand dryers

Modern hand dryer manufacturers have realised that evaporating water from wet hands is unnecessary. It is not nearly as efficient as simply blasting the water off with a high speed jet of air. 

By passing air through a smaller outlet, high speed hand dryers achieve far greater air pressure than traditional models with only a fraction of the energy consumption.  A high speed hand dryer has much better energy efficieny which is increasing important to users. Motion sensors also ensure the dryer is switched off as soon as the hands are removed from under the dryer saving further electricity.

Hand dryer wiring diagram

Hand dryers aren’t all hot air – they are an impressive feat of electronic engineering.

hand dryer wire diagram

This hand dryer wiring diagram  shows how energy gets passed around a dryer’s electrical circuit – something to bear in mind the next time you visit the bathroom! Of course, all our dryers comply with the latest EU and UK standards.

Looking for your hand dryer user manual?

Lost your hand dryer user manual? Never fear. You can download our hand dryer user manuals from each individual product page. The manuals show the ease of installation and maintenance of the product. In addition, the product data sheets show the drying time for each of our models.