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Let's talk about noise levels

Lets talk about noise levels - Hand Dryers


...it's almost a secret!

Our quiet Hand Dryers have been voted the best in their class, with each unit having passed rigorous testing against hundreds of other quiet branded dryers from across the commercial washroom industry. Boasting sound-softening technology the Hand Dryers in our quiet range, offer drying times of just 8 - 10 seconds and are capable of produce outstanding sound levels of just 63dB, making them some of the quietest hand dryers in the world!

Let's compare noise levels...

Compare the noise level in decibels of different dryer models. This table gives an idea of how much quieter a hand dryer is compared with another:

  • Imperceptible Change 1dB
  • Barely Perceptible Change 3dB
  • Clearly Noticeable Change 5dB
  • About Twice as Loud 6 dB
  • About Four Times as Loud 20dB.
	Lets compare sound levels
Lets talk about noise - AirBox V2
Lets talk about noise - Beaver ECO
Lets talk about noise - Elerillo

Lets talk about noise - Gorillo Ultra Blade
Lets talk about noise - illo
Lets talk about noise - Armadillo ECO

Let's compare dB ratings with other market competitors...

Dyson Air Blade 82dB
Dyson V 79dB
Xlerator 77dB

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