Extra Quiet Hand Dryers Comparison

Today, many electric hand dryers have very similar performance. They all dry your hands in about 10 seconds, have comparable energy requirements (approximately 1.5kW) and last around five years. However, one feature that sets these dryers apart is the amount of noise they produce.

Noise levels are normally tested in decibels. Due to being measured on a sliding scale, a few additional decibels can result in double the noise level, meaning 81dB is twice the volume of 75dB and 86dB is four times the volume of 75dB.

Hand dryer manufacturers are starting to pay more attention to noise output, as other differentiators between dryers narrows, along with noise and comfort levels in work becoming more important to both employers and their staff.

Which are the best low noise hand dryers? To help in your purchase, we have prepared a simple comparison table, showing the decibel (dB) ratings of our dryers compared to other brands, in addition to the noise levels you might experience in everyday life. The finest in our range have been awarded our own EQ Badge.

Comparison table, showing Extra Quiet hand dryers versus everyday sounds TOTO Hands In Blade Gorillo Junior Crocodillo Blade Crocodillo T2 Blade Gorillo Gorillo Pro Gorillo Ultra Dillo Vulcan Kangarillo Kangarillo 2 Buffillo
The Best Extra Quiet Dryers
The Dillo Scented Hand Dryer
The Dillo Scented Hand Dryer
  • Optional Auto Perfumer: Fragrance Options Available
  • Multiple Nozzle output: extreme noise reduction to under 73dB
  • Switchable heating element: on/off
  • Solid Construction from Cast Aluminium: Tough and durable
  • Polished Chrome exterior
Dillo available in chrome and white
Gorillo Ultra Blade Hand Dryer with HEPA filter
Gorillo Ultra Blade Hand Dryer with HEPA filter
  • The Ultimate High Power Blade Hand dryer: 10 - 12 second dry time
  • HEPA filter with Internal UVC filter steriliser
  • Lowest Noise Output: Only 73dB
  • Stylish Contemporary Looks: digital countdown timer and midnight blue LED's
  • Latest ECO features: Costs under £15.00 per year in electricity to run!
Gorillo available in silver and white
Vulcan Dual Blade Hand Dryer
Vulcan Dual Blade Hand Dryer
  • Ultra fast hand drying: 8 - 10 seconds
  • V Blade design: directs water away from user
  • Award winning quiet hand dryer: Operates at just 75dB
  • Two Distinct Finishes: Polished 304 stainless steel or Enamel Powder Coated (Black and White)
Vulcan Dual Blade available in silver and white
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