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The Perfect Choices For Your Pub & Restaurant Hand Dryer Needs

Every pub or restaurant hand dryer will have its own requirements. There will always be keys features that are needed to make sure that both your customers and your staff are not put off from coming to your establishment. Here at Handy Dryers we would be confident that each and every one of our products would be a perfect fit for your needs. We have picked out just a few that we feel will really make your place stand out from the crowd.

The Sterillo Duo hand dryer

The Sterillo hand dryer speaks for itself in terms of being the perfect pub or restaurant hand dryer choice for anywhere needing a high specification proven stylish hand dryer.

The Sterillo combines excellent hand drying power with Patented room sanitising technology that silently remove nasty smells and malodours.

Gone are offensive odours, and their causes that fester in the average washroom. You can have a pleasant smelling washroom that's pleasure to use rather than being something customers suffer through.

Kangarillo 2 ECO Hand Dryer

The Kangarillo 2 ECO Hand Dryer from Handy Dryers is the perfect choice of pub hand dryer for those who don't need to worry about the odour and germ killing facilities of the Sterillo.

The Kangarillo 2 ECO is a high class, cost effective and powerful unit that is ideal for any pub that requires a sturdy unit that decreases the amount of time patrons spend in the loo and increases the amount of time they spend stood at the bar!

With an upgraded heater element and motor from the first Kangarillo you get a super quick dry time including ECO features such as an ambient air sensor which adjusts the heat output of the unit. With this feature amongst others the unit will normally pay for themselves within one year compared to standard hand dryers.

Sterillo Uno air sanitiser

Whilst not a hand dryer, we can’t help but recommend the Sterillo Uno to every pub and restaurant in the country.

The Sterillo Uno is a fantastic piece of equipment which eliminates odours and kills germs. Your pub or restaurant washroom will be a pleasant place for your customers to use and also mean that no part of your pub or restaurant will be a no go zone that customers don’t want to be seated or stood at. 

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Featured Products

Sterillo Hand Dryer

Sterillo Duo Germ and Virus Killing Hand Dryer

€519.99 + VAT
more info
  • Washroom Air Sanitisation. Destroying germs and Viruses 24/7: UK Government Tested
  • The Dorchester Hotel (London): Sterillos' made "a huge difference to the atmosphere, there are now no unpleasant odours at all"
  • Ultrafast Hand dryer: 10 - 12 second dry time
  • Free EasyClean wall Splashback panel in 304 Stainless Steel
  • No need to use air fresheners: Bad washroom smells safely removed
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Kangarillo 2 ECO Hand Dryer - Stainless Steel

€214.49 + VAT
more info
  • Ultra fast hand drying: 10 - 15 seconds
  • Powerful airflow: 65 metres/second
  • ECO air sensor: Auto heat adjustment
  • Automatic hand dryer with touch free operation
  • 4 Colours - Polished or Brushed stainless steel or Enamel Powder Coated (Black and White)
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Sterillo Uno Stainless Steel

Sterillo Uno Stainless Steel

€266.49 + VAT
more info
  • Kills germs and virus' in the air
  • Odour control: 28 day money back guarantee
  • The Dorchester Hotel (London): Sterillos' made "a huge difference to the atmosphere"
  • Hix Restaurants said their Sterillo's "heightened clean smell and sanitisation"
  • Latest ECO features: Costs under 7.00 per year in electricity to run!
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