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Ecobreeze Air Care - A British Innovation

Air 95% Cleaner & Odour free

ECOBreeze Air Care System

Handy Dryers is proud to retail the EcoBreeze Air Care System - a British innovation which has won multiple awards and accolades.

ECOBreezes uses a patented combination of particulate filter, carbon filtration module and interchangeable wicking fragrance dispenser to leave air 95% cleaner and odour free.

The ECO power unit incorporates a low voltage fan with PIR, to continually draw unclean and malodourous air into the unit. The first particulate filter removes dust while the carbon filter captures all microscopic particles, dust, odours and irritants.

The EcoBreeze unit comes as a stylish and compact wall mountable unit which can be easily maintained with the unique EcoBreeze Service Pack.

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ECO breeze air care - image 1
Stale odorous air is drawn through an electrostatic pre-filter removing indoor pollutants such as dust and pollen.
ECO breeze air care - image 2
The air is then passed through the carbon filter which traps malodours, bacteria and VOCs.
ECO breeze air care - image 3
Fresh clean air then flows over the perfumed wick delivering a fresh fragranced area.
Ecobreeze British inovation

Clean dry hands & clean fragrant air...

Fleurillo Fragrance Hand Dryer

A revolution in washroom hand drying, the Fleurillo Fragrance Hand Dryer offers more than hand drying, thanks to its integrated advanced sensual fragrance dispenser.

The fragrance dispenser emits beautiful scents using its low energy dispensing unit, which is located at the top of the hand dryer.

As a Hand Dryer, The Fleurillo offers an exceptional drying time of just 10 seconds and boosts a robust stainless steel cover for both durability and style.

The Dillo Scented Hand Dryer

Streamlined for an unobtrusive yet modern look, The Dillo Scented Hand Dryer has been designed to blend seamlessly into any washroom interior.

Superbly efficient, the Dillo’s in-built ECO technology boasts an amazing drying time of just 8 seconds which lowers its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Gently whooshing in at 72.5 dB, the Dillo Scented Hand Dryer is considerably quieter than than your average kitchen appliance, making it a popular choice with offices, hospital and schools.

With a choice of high quality polished chrome, black and white powder coated aluminium finishes and the unique option of a scented perfume ring, your washroom facilities will benefit from the Dillo’s striking looks, pleasant smells and robust durability at all times.

Sterillo air sanitisation another British inovation

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