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School Hand Dryers which to Choose

Hand Dryers for schools - which to choose?

Hand Dryers for schools - which to choose?

Hand dryers come in all shapes and sizes and each one can offer a different level of technology and performance for the users. When it comes to to right hand dryer for the school environment, there are many factors to consider including; noise levels and drying times for the younger students, size and durability for the older pupils and cost effective factors for the school itself.

Small Hand Dryers for small hands

Primary School - Hand Dryers

When it comes to an early years environment, there are many factors to consider, when choosing the most suitable hand dryer for not only the environment but the age range of the users. Noise can be a concern in a busy educational environment and may also cause worry to some young children. Smaller hand dryers, such as the Antillo, Elerillo and Beaver ECO not only offer a compact design for smaller hands but also boast excellent noise ratings. Drying times are also important with younger users. Attention spans are likely to be shorter with primary aged children, so shorter drying times of around 10 seconds might be more suitable.

Our recommended ECO hand dyers for early years students


Strong hand dryers for robust use

Secondary School - Hand Dryers

Secondary schools are known to have a higher hand dryer usage than primary schools and therefore require more robust, tougher equipment. Larger hand dryers such as the Armadillo Vandal Proof and the Kangarillo Ultra come with vandal proof covers and HEPA filters as standard, making them ideal for hygiene control in and around the school. 10 seconds might be more suitable.

Our recommended ECO hand dyers for secondary students

ECO Hand Dryers

Energy-efficiency isnít a marketing statement Ė itís a matter of design. Our hand dryers run on the lowest electrical consumption possible thanks to their advanced technology. Our low energy hand dryers offer modern exteriors, powerful interiors and ECO energy efficient operation. This makes them less costly to run and kinder to the environment.

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