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The new Zebrillo Stainless Steel Hands in Hand Dryer

Zebrillo Stainless Steel Hands in Hand Dryer

The new Zebrillo Hand Dryer is the first of its kind!

Setting itself apart from all its competitors, the Zebrillo is the first ever stainless steel hands-in hand dryer on the market.

Boasting an impressive IPX4 rating, this strong and robust dryer can be placed in closer proximity to washroom sinks, showers and even toilets.

Its inbuilt HEPA filter cleanses the air whilst the UVC sterilisation lamp helps keep the HEPA filer hygienic and working at its best.

SUPER STYLISH - Our first stainless steel "hands-in" hand dryer
Tapillo hand dryer both images


  • High performance
    750w brushless motor
  • Double jet technology
    2x air stream drying
  • High grade HEPA filter & UVC lamp
    Cleanses the air for a more hygienic output
  • Fast drying - 7-9 seconds
    20000 rpm motor speed
  • ECO switch
    Choose from warm or cold air
  • Integrated water tank
    Collects excess water & prevents slips and falls
  • Compact hands in design
    488mm x 300mm x 210mm
  • Vandal proof
    Strong stainless steel cover
Zebrillo Hand Dryers parts image
Tapillo Tap Hand Dryers Infographic

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