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Tapillo Tap Hand Dryer

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Combination Tap/Dryer & Tap Hand Dryer

The new ECO Tapillo Tap Hand Dryers have been designed with both style and function in mind.

Both the Tapillo Single Air Tap Hand Dryer and the Tapillo 2 in 1 Air and Water Tap Hand Dryer are beautifully made from top quality 304 stainless steel and manufactured to an exacting high standard.

Each dryer boasts an air temperature sensor to automatically reduce the heater power, saving energy and money. A 2x stage air filtration process also provides ultra clean sanitised air.

The ultra quiet and compact Tapillo offers an excellent hand drying time of only 11 seconds and is one of the quietest hand dryers in the world, producing only a stunningly low 65.9 dB during our own videoed trial.

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Quick Dry

High-speed airflow, 11 seconds dry time.

Ultra ECO

Adjustable air speed and air temperature. Over 4000 hand dries per 1.00.

Ultra clean

Two stage air filtration, including HEPA and particulate filters.

Ultra quiet

65.9 - 69.9 dB.

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Video Tapillo tap hand dryer

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